01. Quick Overview

How To Use These FAQ Profitably?

These FAQ are divided into three broad categories:

  • General investment concepts (gyan). These one could possibly find just by searching but that might produce thousands of pages of in-depth discussions. Here we aim to provide a quick start. Please also see FAQ: Some Useful Websites
  • Understanding how MilkorWater processes market information on your behalf.
  • Navigating the MilkorWater site to get the best out of it.

We are expanding the list of Q&A nearly every day based on your inputs, so do revisit from time to time for updated information.


Who Is Our Audience?

Our primary audience are long-term investors, although it is possible to also find some short-term investment ideas here.


I Believe You Are Missing "A Very Useful Question XYZ" In Your FAQ...

We treat these FAQs as living beings. If you find an interesting or vexing question unanswered (and wow! you even have the answer), or found a novel use of some page on the MilkorWater site, do us a favor and please drop us a note on the feedback channel (or mail us as feedback@milkorwater.com). Do indicate if you would like us to acknowledge you as the contributor of that FAQ.


Some Useful Websites.

An informed investor helps the market grow in a healthy way. To this end, most market regulators and exchanges have setup elaborate FAQs that can answer many questions in great technical detail. The amount of information there can appear daunting, but one is still encouraged to read that. After all, it's your money!

Below is a short list of leading sites that we felt would provide information to investor free of any perceptible bias. (And we welcome your suggestions to expand this list.) Even though nearly all brokers also have similar FAQ pages on their sites, we feel that those FAQs (not unlike ours) might be limited in scope and we have not included them here.


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