Our beliefs that are at the core of everything we do

Since our inception, the following tenets have been our guiding light - in tools and application that we build for you, in the kind of people that we hire to service you, the investors or affiliates whom we partner with. We hope that you find these to be in your interests.

  1. Focus on small investor

    Serving the retail investors is at the heart of everything that we do and remains our number one priority. Since the beginning we have been focused on demystifying stock market investment and presenting it in a simple and easy to use manner, so that a common man can understand and profit from them. Besides the current investors, we would also endeavor to improve the life of those that have never invested in the stock market. Our goal is to develop tools and applications that significantly improve the lives of as many retail investors as possible. In pursuing this goal, we may do things that we believe have a positive impact on the world, even if the near term financial returns are not obvious. For example, we make our services as widely available as we can by supporting in many languages and by providing basic services for free.

  2. Delivering trusted & unbiased service

    We founded MilkorWater because we believed we could provide a trusted service to the retail investors - delivering unbiased information that users can directly act on. We believed that this mission had to be carried out by a company that is neutral, has no conflicts of interest, is trustworthy and is genuinely interested in the investor good. We hold this principle of keeping the user trust as paramount, and shun any business opportunity that fails this dip test.

  3. Democratization of material information for small investors

    Analysts' recommendations, in the form of research reports or upgrade/downgrade alerts, have been available to financial institutions or high networth individuals, who can afford to pay for that information. Many of you have been either deprived of this information, or is limited to the recommendations from the broking firm that you have trading account with. Access to this material information is mandatory for creating a level playing field. We strongly believe that by bringing together qualified recommendations from the entire professional analyst community in one place, will significantly improve your chances of making profit from stock market investments. It is our endeavor to make the analyst recommendations available for free forever.

  4. Bring transparency & accountability

    Over one lakh crores worth of financial instruments get traded on the Indian stock markets on a daily basis. It is a known fact that analyst recommendations move the market. When such huge amounts are at stake it is intriguing to see that there is no transparency and accountability of the analyst research recommendations. Institutional investors, such as hedge funds and mutual funds, have, over a period of time, learnt to tune into their favorite analysts and ignore others. You, however, must try to divine which analysts are truly helpful in understanding a company or industry and which have an underwriting bias. Our enduring mission, as an independent third party, is to track and rank the analysts in an unbiased manner. Today, we cover approximately1700 professional analysts across 140 brokerage firms. We continuously enhance our coverage to add new analysts and new research firms.

  5. Every investor is unique

    Unique in their reasons to invest, unique in their return objectives, unique in their knowledge of sectors and so on. We are building our tools and applications in a manner that your entire investment experience is personalized on MilkorWater site. We have made a humble beginning with "My Favourites" where you can follow your favourite analysts and analyst recommendations for your favourites stocks. We will continue to empower you and give you the control to focus on actionable insights and not waste your precious time in filtering through the noise.

  6. Be our own customers

    Throughout MilkorWater short lifespan, we have evolved in an unconventional manner. We have been our own customers. Many of our employees are first-time investors. Our founders continuously invest their own money in stocks based on the same insights that are delivered to you through our website. By being our own customers we have a better appreciation of the challenges faced by the small investor, and leverage that experience to improve the online interactions, and bring out superior easy-to-understand insights.

Part of this was inspired by Google and Warren Buffett's reports to their shareholders.

What customers have to say about MilkorWater

There are many sites who display analyst ratings but none keeps track of whether the rating came true or went bust. This gives a free ticket to analyst and lot of investors lose money by following these analysts. This is the only site I know of, which keeps track of not only analyst ratings but also the eventual outcome. Hope this brings some sanity to analyst recommendations and separate good apples from bad ones.

- Nathan

I am really impressed with this web site information in today's Gujrati mid-day. ...your team will make win-win situation in the life of the individual investor. .. Thanks for such a unique thinking as analyst of the analysts.

- Veej

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