Stock ideas made Smart, Trusted and Simple-to-use for Small Investors

MilkorWater collects the stock recommendations by analysts working for different brokerages, analyses their recommendations and ranks them based on multiple criteria.

Why Small Investors?

Stock markets have been a preserve of a privileged few. Just because you - the small investor - do not invest in large amounts, why should you be underserved and denied the opportunity to benefit from stock market gains? Most of you (including our parents, employees, friends and acquaintances) invest on hearsay information received from broker, agent, family or friends. Very few of you have time, resources or expertise to evaluate those tips, or deal with the nuances of the stock market. There is also the mistrust of the brokers, and a perception of being duped and manipulated. We take great care to address these fundamental problems of yours through our award-winning product.

Unbiased Analyses of Analysts

We analyze the stock recommendations of professional equity research analysts working for various firms and rank the analysts based on performance. Through unbiased analysis of recommendations we cull out simple and easily actionable insights like Top Rated Recommendations (recommendations from our top ranked analysts), we help you (the retail investors) in making smarter investment decisions. WE DON'T TAKE ANY MONEY FROM THE ANALYSTS OR THEIR FIRMS AND WE DON'T GIVE ANY PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT TO ANY FIRM OR ANALYST.
MilkorWater is the largest web site in the world that analyses stock recommendations of over 1800 professional analysts from 150 brokerage firms for over 900 stocks traded on National Stock Exchange.

Street professionals and alumni from IIM, IIT & BITS come together to create MilkorWater

MilkorWater team is a group of seasoned professionals, stock market domain experts and technologists who have successfully introduced change and invented new ways to solve problems. Our analysts have deep financial analytics background. Our engineers have built market-making applications and market-data structures for equity trading, portfolio management applications and brokerage solutions for retail investors. Our market professionals have earned their scars and bouquets on the pathways of Dalal Street and Wall Street having worked with some of the biggest names in this business such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Reuters, Capital IQ and Wipro.

Six things are at the core of everything that we do

#1: Focus on small investor

Serving the retail investors is at the heart of everything that we do and remains our number one priority. Since the beginning we have been focused on demystifying stock market investment and presenting it in a simple and easy to use manner, so that a common man can understand and profit from them.

More about our beliefs

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